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  • Education Services

    The base education office, 425 Third St., has a wide variety of services and programs to assist with educational needs. These include general education and vocational counseling as well as counseling on the Community College of the Air Force, college courses and Air Force commissioning programs.

  • Environmental Documents

    Air Force officials receive closure letter for environmental restoration siteDraft Environmental Assessment for Installation Development at Dyess AFB, TexasRemedial Action AppendixB-47 Crash SitePFOS/PFOA Water Sampling MFR The AFCEC CERCLA Administrative Record Search website

  • EO Roles and Responsibilities: The offending person

    The following are responsibilities of the offending person when conflict occurs in the work place.· Stop the behavior immediately! · Apologize. Ask another person or supervisor for advice and ask them to accompany you as you talk to the recipient, or intervene on your behalf. · Talk to the recipient

  • Equal Opportunity Roles and Responsibilities: Commanders

     Commanders' Responsibilities · Fully support and encourage resolution of equal opportunity complaints at the lowest level.· Provide an atmosphere free from retaliation/reprisal.· Know and publicize the various channels and procedures for filing complaints or electing to resolve issues through

  • Equal Opportunity Roles and Responsibilities: Supervisors and Managers

    The following are responsibilities of Supervisors and managers:· Consider formal channels if the incident and behavior are serious, Examine your actions for subtle behaviors that could be viewed as double standards.· Set the "proper" standards.· Enforce Air Force and local Equal Opportunity