What is suspicious activity?

Questions for Drone Report

Please answer the following questions in the reporting email to the 7th SFS:
  1. Did you see a drone now or in the past hour?‚Äč
    - If yes, immediately call BDOC at 325-696-2132
  2. What is your name, rank, organization, and phone number? If you are a dependent, please enter your sponsor's rank and organization.
  3. When did you see the drone?
  4. Where did you see the drone? Can you describe its flight path?
  5. What did the drone look like?
  6. Please share any other pertinent details of the event. You should expect a callback to collect more information on the incident within 24 hours.

Contact Form Dashboard

7 BW SFS (325) 696-2131 7bw.pa.publicaffairs@us.af.mil

Report Suspicious Activity