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Program Overview:

  • Provides support to victims alleging domestic abuse
  • Provides 24 hour/7 days a week response capability
  • Establishes and maintain current and effective safety plans
  • Notifies FAO, law enforcement, and Command if imminent risk of serious harm or death is established
  • Immediately reports any changes in the victim’s circumstances that changes or impacts the safety plan put in place
  • Advises victims of the reporting options and the military or civil actions available to promote safety
  • Offers victims information regarding their identified needs
  • Offers follow-up DAVA services to each victim to empower the victim to advocate for the safety needs of self and children
  • Advises victims of the impact of domestic violence on children and supports victim’s efforts to have children assessed and treated
  • Accompanies the victim to appointments or court proceedings when requested by the victim

Responsibilities of DAVA:

  • Provides support to installation FAP
  • Collaborates with the installation organizations to establish a 24-hour notification of the DAVA in all incidents of suspected domestic abuse
  • Keeps FAO and designated POC (on-call mental health provider, ER, etc.) informed of current location and timelines when providing DAVA victim services
  • Establishes a contact file for each victim that contains minimal information about the allegations or nature of the incident
  • Briefs the treatment/case manager prior to the Clinical Case Staffing
  • Supports development of a coordinated community response to domestic abuse
  • Establishes liaisons and partners with civilian domestic abuse resources
  • Supports the FAP Outreach Program (OP) and New Parent Support Program (NPSP) prevention activities
  • Establishes and maintains 24-hour contact/access so that victims or potential victims are able to contact the DAVA when required

Victim & Community Resources:

Some of the agencies involved in providing support to victims of domestic violence are:

Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) - 325-696-2296

Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) - 325-696-5999
Command Post - 325-696-1921
Family Practice - 325-696-4754
Family Advocacy - 325-696-5380
Legal Office - 325-696-2232
Mental Health - 325-696-5380
Security Forces Investigations - 325-696-2131
Sexual Assault and Response Coordinator (SARC) - 325-696-5499
(SARC) 24 Hour Response Line - 325-518-1802

Off-Base Resources
Noah Project - 
Abilene Police Department - 325-673-8331
Abilene Sheriff's Office - 325-674-1300

Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate

(TLF) Lodging



Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate:



Steven Kish, SmSgt (Ret)

24/7 Victim Assistance:

(325) 307-7556

A Victim has the Right:

  • To be treated with fairness and respect for the victim's dignity and privacy
  • To receive support and counseling from a victim advocate on a 24/7 basis
  • To be informed of and accompanied to available base and community resources
  • To reasonable protection from a spouse/partner or the accused
  • To notification of any and all court proceedings
  • To be advised on all legal options and court proceedings which may take place
  • To appropriate restitution, when available