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The mission of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Treatment (ADAPT) program per AFI 44-121 is to promote readiness, health, and wellness and to minimize consequences of substance abuse.

This is made possible by close work with patients to educate on healthy use and how to recognize and address unhealthy use.  Unhealthy use often starts with little issues but can worsen over time, harming health, relationships, careers, and even taking lives. ADAPT staff will provide or arrange for medical assessment, detoxification if needed, education, and formal treatment if needed (residential and/or outpatient) to support members desiring to live healthy lives free from harmful substance use and related consequences.

Rather than just stopping drinking, ADAPT helps members identify and become skilled at using healthy alternatives to meet their personal and professional needs. Call us at 325-696-5380 or check out our SharePoint Page to learn more.