The Development Advisor (DA) provides career counseling for all members of Team Dyess, with specialized knowledge in retraining and various force management programs. The DA serves as the gateway for Team Dyess’ professional development needs. Mandatory development courses are offered on a scheduled basis, with the availability of informal offerings hosted at various points throughout the year. Mandatory courses include Informed Decision Seminar (IDS), First Term Enlisted Course (FTEC), Junior Enlisted Foundations (JEFC 300), NCO Foundations (NCOFC 500), and SNCO Foundations (SNCOFC 700). The DA will assist Squadrons and Groups with providing relevant career information during Commander’s Calls, when requested, as well as hosting base briefings to cover new development and force management initiatives.


Ensure members are armed with complete and accurate information prior to making career decisions, and to develop Total Force professionals for greater responsibilities.


SMSgt Adam Hodges
Commercial: (325) 696-4471
Cell: (325) 271-1432

7234 3rd Street, Dyess AFB, TX 79607
(Located in Force Development Center)

Hours: 8am – 4pm