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  • Base Facilities

    Base Exchange 325-692-8996 Hours The Dyess Base Exchange has several shops and fast food restaurants including military clothing sales, barber shop, tactical shop and more.Chapel 325-696-4224 Hours The Chapel hosts several religious services and events for Airmen and their families including Daily

  • Base Security

    Rules of the RoadTo operate a vehicle on Dyess AFB, you'll need a valid driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. While on base, everyone is required to wear a safety belt. Children who are younger than 5 years and weigh less than 50 pounds must be restrained in a child safety

  • Base Services

    Area Defense CounselThe area defense counsel provides free, confidential legal defense for all military members. The attorney and paralegal are independent from the wing commander and investigators. They do not report to anyone in the local chain of command. The defense attorney is a licensed

  • Bioenviromental Engineering

    Location: Building 8080 Phone Number: (325) 696--2325Bioenvironmental Engineering specializes in providing Unit Commanders with health risk assessments by identifying, responding to, analyzing, and mitigating occupational & environmental health hazards for mission sustainment and continuation.

  • C-130J Super Hercules

    Mission The C-130J is the newest generation of the C-130 Hercules which primarily performs the tactical portion of the airlift mission. The aircraft is capable of operating from rough, dirt strips and is the prime transport for air dropping troops and equipment into hostile areas. The C-130 operates

  • Chapel

    Dyess chaplains are committed to providing opportunities for religious expression, pastoral care, and personal, moral and spiritual growth to members of the Air Force family. The base chapel accommodates all religious faiths and offers a variety of religious, social and educational programs.

  • Child Care

    Child Development Center The child development center is a new, modernized facility located at 201 Ave. D. Programs provide a diverse and rewarding developmental experience for the full growth of a child. Parents will find a safe environment with a professional and caring staff. Full-time childcare

  • Commissary

    The commissary offers patrons a complete selection of fresh meat and poultry, a full service delicatessen, dairy, produce and frozen food sections. The commissary stocks more than 9,000 grocery items and offers fast checkout with 10 lanes. Patrons can special-order cuts of meat, fruit and/or

  • Community Center

    The Hangar Center is Dyess' community hub for recreation, events and activities. It is located at 357 Ave. B in building 7106. In the Hangar Center you'll find the Target Zone video game room, the Bomb Shelter Bar and the Hangar Center Ballroom. We support official ceremony functions, self-directed

  • Connect to Care Toolkit

    The Department of the Air Force has created the Connect To Care Toolkit to help leaders and providers at Air Force and Space Force installations be better prepared to help their fellow Airmen and Guardians when they are in need. The Connect To Care Toolkit contains everything from the Service