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7th Operations Group

7th Operations Group

The 7th Operations Group is the operational flying component of the United States Air Force 7th Bomb Wing, stationed at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. The group is responsible for executing global conventional bombing directed by proper command authority. It is the largest B-1B operations group comprised of 33 B-1s and 1,140 people assigned to three squadrons - 9th and 28th Bomb Squadrons, 7th Operations Support Squadron.

The 7th Operations group was initially the 7th Bombardment Group and was originally activated in 1921 with a direct lineage from the AAF 1st Army Observation Group that was established and organized on 6 September 1918. The 7th Operations Group has, in the past, flown The Breguet 14, the Loening OA-2, LB-7, B-3, B-4, O-19, O-38, B-12, Martin B-10, B-18, B-17, B-25, B-24, B-29, B-36, B-52F, B-52D, B-52H, C-130 and is currently flying the B-1B. The 7th Operations Group has taken part in WWI, WWII, Desert Fox, OEF, OIF and OFS. The 7th Operations Group supports contingency operations worldwide and provides a continuous ready presence for the United States and our allies.

7th Operations Support SqN

The 7th Operations Support Squadron is responsible for B-1 combat effectiveness. The squadron directs wing flight operations, conventional mission planning, combat tactics, airfield management, aircrew training, exercise scheduling, aircraft scheduling, weapons and tactics standardization, intelligence integration, war plans, deployment planning, weather support, small computer support, simulator training, air traffic control, maintenance analysis, mobility processing and wing life support functions.

7th Operations Support Squadron Factsheet

28th Bomb Squadron

The 28th Bomb Squadron is the largest bomb squadron in the Air Force and the largest flying squadron in the command. Its primary mission is to provide all B-1 initial qualification, re-qualification and instructor upgrade training for Air Combat Command. The squadron determines, evaluates and implements formal training requirements to qualify crewmembers in long-range day and night, all-weather and air-to-ground attack. Each year the squadron trains more than 200 B-1 crewmembers from active-duty and Air National Guard B-1 units. The unit services, launches, recovers, repairs and inspects 25 B-1 aircraft. The squadron also maintains conventional combat readiness supporting higher headquarters contingency taskings worldwide.

28th Bomb Squadron Factsheet

9th Bomb Squadron

The 9th Bomb Squadron maintains combat readiness to deliver rapid, decisive airpower on a large scale in support of conventional warfare taskings. Squadron experts provide warfighting commanders with the best in maintenance support, operational aircrews and B-1B aircraft. The squadron repairs, services, launches, recovers and inspects 15 B-1 aircraft capable of sustained intercontinental missions and world-wide deployment/employment from forward operating locations. The 9 BS is the oldest active bomb squadron in the Air Force today. 

9th Bomb Squadron Factsheet

Det 14, ACC TRSS

The Training Support Squadron, detachment 14 is the operations training development team with primary responsibility for all B-1 syllabi and courseware in the command. Its personnel provide exceptional courseware products, state-of-the-art computer based training, and first-rate support to the formal training unit in training B-1 aircrew members.

Det 14 Factsheet