7th Mission Support Group

7th Mission Support Group

The 7th Mission Support Group is responsible for all base facilities, support, readiness and logistics functions including civil engineering, security, supply, transportation, fuels, contracting, communications, family support, food, education and recreation services supporting a community of 15,560, including 4,280 members assigned to the 7th Bomb Wing, 317th Airlift Wing and 16 associate units to provide deployable war fighting forces in support of DoD and COCOM.


7th Civil Engineer Squadron

The 7th Civil Engineer Squadron maintains and repairs all base facilities, conducts disaster preparedness training, manages all fire protection and prevention activities, manages base environmental programs, and handles housing responsibilities for accompanied and unaccompanied personnel. In addition to operating shops with craftsmen skilled in the building trades, the unit is postured with worldwide deployable prime base engineer emergency force contingency teams equipped to deploy on short notice, to sustain them in a battlefield environment and perform wartime repair and construction.


7th Contracting Squadron

The 7th Contracting Squadron provides agile contracting support to maintain worldwide combat readiness and sustainability, in accordance with statues and regulations in the most cost-effective manner.  The unit's mission is to execute responsive and compliant business solutions that enables dominant air power and combat support of Team Dyess and develops worldwide contingency contracting capability in support of national taskings… Anytime and anywhere!


7th Communications Squadron

The 7th Communications Squadron provides communications-electronics maintenance on meteorological and navigational aid systems, a doppler weather radar and land mobile and air traffic control radios. They also provide information systems services including computer network, telephone and mail support, and protection and planning for all communications and information systems. The unit provides visual information services to include graphic, photographic and video support.


7th Force Support Squadron

The 7th Force Support Squadron provides more than 21 different activities for the base populace to include: food service, lodging, child care, clubs, skills development, bowling, fitness center, community center, outdoor recreation equipment rental and FAMCAP, golf, tennis, library, youth center and mortuary services. The unit manages programs geared to the health and welfare of the entire base. The squadron is the focal point for military and civilian personnel matters, education services, family support issues and professional military education. The unit supports military and civilian employees, family members and retirees assigned to or supported by Dyess."


7th Logistics Readiness Squadron

The 7th Logistics Readiness Squadron provides home-base logistics support as well as mobility support of deployed forces. The unit provides supplies, equipment and fuel to all base units, receiving and storing more than 388,000 pieces of property valued at more than $211 million. They fulfill the base's transportation requirements, managing and maintaining 588 vehicles, operation of the base taxi fleet, aircrew transportation, personal property shipments and recalling and training ready-augmentation-duty force personnel to support deployment exercises, inspections and contingencies. The unit provides more than 4 million gallons of aviation and ground fuels to all government vehicles and aircraft. Provides all contingency and peacetime deployment planning and execution, war reserve materiel management, base support planning and support agreement management. 


7th Security Forces Squadron

The 7th Security Forces Squadron protects operational resources on the flightline and patrols the entire base in a law enforcement role. They conduct law enforcement and force protection for a population of 15,560 on a 6,008 acre base. The unit maintains a continuous presence in Southwest Asia and keeps several mobility teams in peak readiness for worldwide contingency deployment. The squadron also functions as a base and local community support agency providing services such as pass and registration, combat arms training, armory, investigations, military working dogs and drug abuse resistance education for students.