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  • B-1B pilot becomes first-ever to reach 4,000 B-1 hours; record should stand for some time

    A 9th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron pilot forever etched his name in the history books as he became the first pilot to go more than 4,000 flying hours in the B-1B. Lieutenant Col. Jeff Roetzel recently completed an Operation Enduring Freedom combat mission that put him on a plateau that no other pilot has ever reached. Immediately after landing at
  • Mesquite Grove maintains sanctuary status

    The Mesquite Grove Golf Course is once again one of the only Department of Defense golf courses that has earned and maintained the moniker of "Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary" by the Big Country Audubon Society. The other course is at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, and the reason Dyess and they are the only bases to earn the title
  • 7th MUNS wins AF level explosive safety award

    The 7th Munitions Squadron recently received an explosives safety award from the Air Force. The recognition is the third consecutive year a safety award has been given to the squadron. "Safety is the key to our success in the ammo and weapons community. This squadron has taken care of the mission and kept their focus on safety for the last three
  • Sound the horn, the cavalry has arrived

    Like something right out of a Wild West movie, 11 riders and 11 horses in synchronization showed crowds at the Texas State High School Rodeo Championships that the cavalry is still alive and well in the U.S. Army. The 1st Cavalry Division, Horse Cavalry Detachment from Ft. Hood, Texas, visited the Abilene area June 14 through 19 for demonstrations
  • Force protection: everyone’s responsibility

    Remaining vigilant and alert is not an option for Airmen in today’s Air Force. A terrorist or an upset militant armed with the know-how could damage Air Force property or even worse – kill one of our own. Howard Thompson, 7th Bomb Wing antiterrorism officer, is charged with setting a defensive security posture for Dyess. “As an anti-terrorism
  • First-ever ALS field training exercise

    Dyess’ Airman Leadership School launched a first-in-the-Air-Force 14-hour field training exercise June 16 in order for students to implement the combat leadership skills they learn in the classroom in a simulated-deployed location. The FTX, held at “Sseyd Air Base” (Dyess spelled backwards), required coordination with security forces, explosive
  • 317th AG deploys to Africa, SW Asia

    Approximately 200 members of the 317th Airlift Group departed from Dyess June 15 for a four-month deployment to support operations in the Horn of Africa and Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom .Both the 40th Airlift Squadron and 317th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron are C-130 units that deliver basic supplies and equipment to Air Force and
  • 7th BG Historical Reunion visits Dyess

    The 7th Bombardment Group Historical Reunion held its bi-annual meeting at Dyess Friday. They chose to meet at Dyess and tour the base because it is the home of the 9th Bomb Squadron and the former 436th BS, which were part of the 7th BG in the last century, said retired Capt. Hovey Reed, former KC-135 instructor pilot and the society's president.
  • Old man turns 4,000

    OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM - Colonel Scott Vander Hamm, 40th Air Expeditionary Group commander, surpassed the 4,000-flying hours mark with his B-1 flight Saturday. Lieutenant Col. Harry Foster, 40th AEG deputy commander, said reaching the 4,000-hour mark is a big achievement for any aviator."That's equivalent to spending more than four months in
  • Chaplain's office here to serve Airmen, families

    Whether you're on the flightline, in the control tower, or in a back office, the chaplain's office is there to help you perform the Air Force mission. "As chaplains, we are force multipliers," said Chaplain (Maj.) Michael Daniel, senior Protestant chaplain. "We can offer Airmen what no other base agency can provide, a confidential outlet for