Dyess Units 

On October 1, 1993, the diverse 7th Wing was activated at Dyess AFB, integrating the operations of the B-1B Lancer and C-130 Hercules. The wing reorganized on April 1, 1997, as the 7th Bomb Wing ;and gave operational control of the C-130s to Air Mobility Command. Today, the 7th BW is the Air Force's premier operational B-1B unit.

The 317th Airlift Wing activated on July 6, 2017, and was formerly a group based at Dyess. The 317th AW comes under the operational control of 18th Air Force and Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

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Dyess Fact Sheets, 7th Bomb Wing

7th Bomb Wing

7th Operations Group
- 7th Operations Support Squadron
- 28th Bomb Squadron
- 9th Bomb Squadron

7th Mission Support Group
- 7th Civil Engineer Squadron
- 7th Contracting Squadron
- 7th Communications Squadron
- 7th Logistics Readiness Squadron
- 7th Security Forces Squadron
- 7th Force Support Squadron


7th Maintenance Group
- 7th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
- 7th Component Maintenance Squadron
- 7th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
- 7th Munitions Squadron 

7th Medical Group
- 7th Medical Support Squadron
- 7th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron
- 7th Health Care Operations Squadron


317th Airlift Wing

317th Maintenance Group
-317th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
-317th Maintenance Squadron 

317th Operations Group
- 317th Operations Support Squadron
- 40th Airlift Squadron
- 39th Airlift Squadron

7th Bomb Wing Honor Guard

Dyess Honor GuardDyess' Honor Guard provides military ceremonies and military funeral honors throughout 38 Texas counties and the Dallas/Fort Worth National Cemetery.

7th Bomb Wing Chapel

United States Air Force Chaplain Corps The 7th Bomb Wing Chapel seeks to ensure your Constitutional right to freedom of religion, and we strive to provide excellent spiritual help and encouragement for our military members and their families.