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Dyess AFB establishes WAR Center

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Dana J. Cable
  • 7th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

Dyess Air Force Base has taken a significant stride towards enhancing mission readiness with the recent establishment of their own Warrior Airman Readiness Center.

This initiative follows a benchmark visit to Little Rock AFB, Arkansas, where members Team Dyess observed the successful implementation of their WAR Center and its impact on mission readiness and brought the curriculum home to Dyess AFB.

The newly established WAR Center will serve as a central hub for mission-focused training and integration of warfighting skills.

The primary objective of the 5-day course is to provide Airmen with a realistic and immersive environment to hone their leadership abilities, decision-making processes, and mission planning expertise, all crucial components of mission readiness.

Airmen demonstrated their newly acquired skills during a capstone event on the last day of training that highlighted their knowledge and ground warfighting skills.

“While the course is designed to cement those hard and soft skills, ultimately we are driving home Mission Command and leadership skills,” said Master Sgt. John Mitchell, WAR Center NCOIC. “We want Airmen to be confident, make a decision, and follow-through with that decision, which could be right or wrong.”

By offering realistic scenario-based contingency training to Team Dyess personnel, the center will rely on resident subject matter experts to train and equip next generation warfighters for future over-the-horizon conflicts.

Additionally, the course serves as a way for Airmen to complete 22 pre-deployment Ready Airmen Training requirements.

“This course fully prepares Airmen to be Mission Ready,” said Master Sgt. Victoria McCreath, WAR Center cadre. “They go through different requirements that meet Mission Command and have a more comprehensive understanding of warfighting.

According to Mitchell, the long-term goal of the course is to not only develop students but develop cadre and instructors as well.

“We want to host more advanced courses,” said Mitchell. “We will continue to look for cadre and instructors and continue to grow a strong network of operators as we shift our focus from counter-terror operations to Great Power Competitors.”

According to McCreath, the WAR Center is hoping to host the course six times a year and is open to all medically ready Airmen from any Air Force Specialty Code assigned to Dyess AFB.