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Preserving the past for the future: A look into the Dyess Historian office

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Sophia Robello
  • 7th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
The Dyess Historian’s office is divided into three major sections: the historian’s office itself, the Dyess Linear Air Park and the Dyess Memorial Center. Each office works in tandem, preserving various historical artifacts important to both Dyess and Texas military history.

While the three sections work separately most of the time, many of their tasks involve one another. Dr. Dennis Berger, 7th Bomb Wing historian, works directly under the wing commander, recording the wing’s history and making yearly reports about both significant and minor decisions and events happening throughout the year.

“The majority of my job is collecting material and cataloging it into specific file types,” said Dr. Berger. “I gather material from all across the wing and use it to compile the annual wing history after the first of every year, which is about a three-month project and 700 pages long.”

Walter Nicolds, 7th BW historian and Dyess Linear Air Park manager, assists with the archival process of historical material and data along with maintaining the linear air park.

“My day-to-day tasks largely consist of preparation for painting, painting, and researching the planes I’ve painted,” said Nicolds. “I’ve personally researched all the symbols painted on these aircraft, and if I haven’t seen it before then it doesn’t get put on one of our planes.”

Jory Vanderburg, Dyess Memorial Center curator, handles tours of the linear air park and the general upkeep of the museum.

“Largely what the museum curator does is exhibit creation,” said Nicolds. “He also conducts lectures for the First-Term Airman Course about the history and heritage of Dyess and its associated units.”

The Dyess Historian’s office provides invaluable services to the members of Team Dyess, the local Abilene community and base visitors from around the world, maintaining historic aircraft and information for generations to come.

Base personnel and visitors can use the information below to contact the different Dyess Historian Office sections:
  • For overall 7th BW history questions or Dyess Linear Air Park maintenance, call 325-696-2371 or email
  • For questions about the Dyess Memorial Center Museum or tours of the Dyess Linear Air Park, call 325-793-2199