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Through Thick and Thin: How two siblings stayed together in military life

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Sophia Robello
  • 7th Bomb Wing

It’s not often two family members join the same military branch and get stationed at the same base. A brother and sister who joined the Air Force at different times, found their way to be stationed together at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas.

Senior Airman Caitlyn Jeziorske works at the 7th Component Maintenance Squadron as commander support staff, and Staff Sgt. Aaron Marriott works in the 7th Civil Engineer Squadron as a firefighter are siblings who arrived at Dyess AFB in 2018 and 2019.

“It’s been very beneficial to have my brother stated here with me because he has been here for me when I need someone,” said Jeziorske. “It’s been an awesome opportunity for us to be stationed at Dyess because it’s not common for family to be stationed together.”

The two had different routes to Dyess, but came for the family close by and the opportunities that brings.

“I originally had Lackland as my first base, but I was able to do a base swap in tech school,” said Jeziorske. “I knew someone who had Dyess, and since our other brother was here at the time, I wanted to be close to family and take advantage of that opportunity.”

The two have a younger brother who recently graduated from Hardin-Simmons University, and wanted to be close to him to support him through his college experience.

“I used base of preference to be stationed at Dyess to be closer to family,” said Marriott. “I was pretty excited to be stationed here because I thought it would be beneficial if we all lived here together.”

Being close to one another has been beneficial because they grew up in Abilene, know the area, and have a built in support system to include each other.

Even though they have different jobs and experiences from deployments, and they have been able to lean on each other for support.

“During our time at Dyess together, my brother has helped me in many ways,” Jeziorske explained. “He helped me find a place to live before he deployed while we were living together. He has also always been there to help when I needed advice.”

The pair see themselves going down different paths in their futures. Marriott sees himself finishing his enlistment here at Dyess, then moving on to contract work for the government. Jeziorske sees herself staying in the military for a while, and hopes to get her degree in either Business or Human Relations while she’s in.

Throughout the experience, family connections have kept the two close, and the benefits were great in keeping the family tight-knit.

“He recently graduated Airman Leadership School and I was able to attend his graduation, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do if he was stationed somewhere else,” said Jeziorske. “I felt really grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to attend his graduation. I’m super proud of his accomplishments and I look up to him.”

Jeziorske and Marriott both recommend that people take the opportunity to be close to family whenever possible.

“I know a lot of people join the military to get away from family, but especially with the holidays coming up, it gets harder to be away from family,” said Jeziorske. “If you have the opportunity, I suggest taking it and making the best of wherever you go.”