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7th CONS, CPTS members complete FY21 closeout

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. David Owsianka
  • 7th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

As planes soar through the skies, maintainers turn wrenches and personnel renovate buildings, members of the 7th Contracting Squadron and 7th Comptroller Squadron work behind the scenes to secure funds and contracts to keep the mission going at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas.

Personnel in both squadrons recently completed the financial Fiscal Year 2021 end of year closeout on Sept. 30, 2021. During this time, the agencies focused on completing contracts for the base’s unfunded requirements.

“It’s very important to make sure that every dollar that is allocated to any Dyess unit is appropriately spend according to congress’ intention,” said Merry Sargent-Green, 7th CONS business operations director. “If funds are not used by the end of the fiscal year, then they must be returned to congress and it is no longer valid to use by members of our base. This could potentially result in a reduction in funding the following year.”

Whether it is contracts for construction, repairs, equipment, day-to-day operations or temporary duties, the 7th CPTS office allocates funds for over 13 agencies across the base to ensure mission success.

“It takes a team to execute the wing’s mission,” said Tech. Sgt. Tony Jones, 7th CPTS financial analysis flight chief. “Just about everything that is done at Dyess has been executed and tracked by financial management. Not a single dollar comes to Dyess to execute our mission without our coordination.”

Members of the 7th CONS work with vendors on submitting their proposals, negotiating prices, documenting contract files with all of the proper justifications and approvals, and working with the 7th CPTS financial management office to ensure funding is provided to approve projects.

“Serving the needs of military members and their families, including our civilian workforce, is paramount to our squadrons,” Sargent-Green said. “We work hand-in-hand with various squadrons to ensure they get the right equipment at the right prices to support the Airmen who execute the mission.”

As Fiscal Year 2022 begins, both squadrons plan to continue to ensure that Dyess’ mission is successful while supporting the department of the Air Force’s commitment to a safe and secure environment for our personnel.

“Our goal is to ensure the base gets what it needs to operate as efficient as possible while maintaining our legal integrity and proper distribution of those funds,” said Dawn Kuehn, 7th CPTS staff accountant. “Not a single dollar comes to Dyess to execute our mission and fund the items we want or need without our coordination or advocating for the base, a squadron, flight or an individual.”


One way that this is happening is through ongoing dormitory renovations. The 7th CONS members have awarded contracts for six dormitory renovations and they continually monitor the progress and hold the contractor accountable to the specifications and safety standards required.

Members from Air Force Global Strike Command and Dyess AFB have focused on upgrading the base’s mission planning technology in preparation for the B-21. More than $6 million has been executed in this effort.

“The Airmen are working to ensure that the facilities on Dyess are renovated and upgraded to ensure that we are taking care of our most critical asset, the people and their families,” Sargent-Green said. “Our commodities flight has awarded contracts for the furnishings within the dorms to ensure the Airmen have brand new accommodations when they move in.”

Through their purchasing power and unique mission capabilities, personnel within both squadrons enable the mission to be completed while enhancing current capabilities.

“While we certainly don’t do it alone, working side-by-side with finance and our customers, we are able to achieve mission success by executing the wing commanders budget, and acquiring supplies and services to support the men and women of Team Dyess,” Sargent-Green said.