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Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month - week two

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  • By Family Advocacy
  • 7th Bomb Wing

Week two of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month will focus on recognizing the warning signs of an abusive relationship versus those of a healthy relationship.  Love is Respect reports that the early warning signs of dating violence include:

• Checking one’s partner’s cell phones, emails or social networks without permission

• Extreme jealousy or insecurity

• Constant belittling or put-downs

• Explosive temper

• Isolation of one’s partner from family and friends

• Making false accusations

• Erratic mood swings

• Physically inflicting pain in any way

• Possessiveness

• Repeatedly pressuring one’s partner to have sex

Many times, teens will dismiss some of these behaviors as normal. Many will want to dismiss the bad behaviors of an abusive teen, and would rather focus on good behaviors.  It can be confusing for teens when they see their boyfriend or girlfriend acting out both abusive behaviors and then switching to more positive behaviors. Accepting early warning signs of abuse can prevent a teen from being a victim of an abusive dating partner.  There are a number of things that teens can do to avoid dating violence in their relationships, such as:

• Know the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviors while dating.

• Do not ignore the warning signs. Research has found that those who have a tendency to engage in relationship violence escalate their abuse over time. In other words, it gets worse over time, not better.

• Spend time with friends and family outside of dating relationships.

• Stay involved in activities and extracurricular that you enjoy and are good for you.

The above facts were taken from an article by Love is Respect on their website.  You can learn much more about teen dating violence and ways to help teens by going to the following websites listed below.

Dyess parents of teens can receive support and help by calling Dyess Family Advocacy at 325-696-8378.