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Town Hall Q&A: Dining Facility Closure

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  • 7th Bomb Wing Public Affairs


DFAC Staff

Q: When is the DFAC Closing?

A: 01 April 2020

Q: Why is the DFAC closing?

A: The DFAC’s fire suppression system needs to be brought up to fire code.

Q: When will the DFAC reopen?

A: We are projected to open in late August/early September. We will host an additional Town Hall to inform base populous if any delays occur and what to expect when we re-open.

Dorm Management

Q: What should be done about broken appliances in the Kitchen Dorms?

A: Let Dorm Management know so that they can put a work order in.

Q: What is the proper way to dispose of oil and grease while cooking in the dorm kitchens?

A: Put greases and oils into sealed containers and throw them away in the garbage, DO NOT pour them down the drains, as it will damage them.

Q: What appliances are allowed in the dorms?

A: Microwaves and coffee pots are allowed in the dorms, but all cooking should be done in the kitchens. Cooking appliances such as rice cookers and crockpots may be stored in the dorms, but only used in the kitchen.


Q: What kind of financial changes will be put into place for Airmen affected by the DFAC shut down?

A: Airmen affected by the shutdown will no longer have “Meal Deductions” on their LES, meaning they will receive the full rate for BAS. Additionally, they will receive BAS II, which totals to $745.42/month.

Q: What happens if an Airmen leaves the dorms to move off-base during the shutdown?

A: They would then receive the standard $372.71 for BAS I instead of BAS II. The same applies for when the Airman goes on leave or TDY. Airmen are expected to notify finance immediately after moving out of the dorms.

Q: How will BAS II stop when an Airman goes TDY or on leave? Do they need to go to finance before they go on leave or a TDY to notify them?

A: Finance pulls reports to see who is on leave or TDY and they adjust income accordingly. However, this is always after the TDY or leave occurs, so it is advisable to let finance know beforehand in order to receive the correct payment earlier. It is also highly recommended to let finance know right before you go on a deployment.

Q: When will Airmen begin to receive their BAS II payments?

A: The first payment to include the BAS II for Airmen affected by the DFAC closure will be on the 15th of April, 2020. There will be a two-week period in which the DFAC will be closed and the Airmen won’t have received their BAS II entitlements. They are encouraged to save money ahead of time to ensure they will remain financially stable during that period.

Q: Will Airmen with meal cards be able to continue to use them?

A: No. Meal deductions will stop and meal cards will stop working on April 1st. This includes all base locations that accept meal cards. After April 1st, meals will be paid for with cash or credit/debit card.

Airman and Family Readiness Center

Q: What role does the A&FRC play during the DFAC shutdown?

A: The A&FRC is there to provide advice and guidance to Airmen and their families. They are there to help Airmen budget and plan for their immediate and distant financial future. The DFAC shutdown will give more freedom to the Airmen in dorms, and the A&FRC’s job is to help those Airmen make responsible choices financially. Any question regarding retirement, budgeting, investing or general saving should be brought to the A&FRC. 

Community Services

Q: What role does Community Services play during the DFAC shutdown?

A: Community services will mirror DFAC hours at Legends Café and provide nutritional options for Airmen in the dorms. The Out of Bounds Grill, Deadwood Café, and Legends Café are all affordable places for Airmen to eat.

Q: What are the benefits of club membership at Dyess?

A: Club membership provides affordable perks to Airmen at community services restaurants. Sign up is at


Q: What role does nutrition play during the DFAC shutdown?

A: Nikole Sprunger, a Nutritionist at Dyess, is here to help Airmen affected by the DFAC shutdown make responsible and healthy choices. She can be contacted at 325-696-1636.