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Town Hall Questions & Responses

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  • By 7th Bomb Wing
  • 7th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

Team Dyess held a Town Hall Meeting Dec. 17th, 2019. Here are the questions that were asked and responses provided.


Q. Will the text for questions app only be used at Town Halls?


We are trying to encourage a dialogue with Airmen (civilian and uniformed). We are trying different technology platforms to encourage that dialogue. This app is a new feature that we hope to integrate into many more meetings.

Q. Are there ways to improve the functionality of the Dyess page on the AF app?  The old Dyess App was much better.


Yes, the new app can be changed as needed to best support the base. Any app feedback can be given to the 7th Bomb Wing Public Affairs via email at or phone at (325) 696-4820.

Q. UPS drivers had been monitored driving too fast through housing, is there anything that can be done?


For the reports of commercial vehicles speeding on base, we will put in our procedures for Defenders posted at Tye Gate to brief all commercial drivers for the posted speed limits on base and brief them to adhere to all posted speed limit signs.  If commercial drivers continue to drive above the speed limit when driving through base housing, we will place traffic/enforcement patrols in the housing areas.

The problem you highlight also applies to residents who live in base housing. I want to thank you in advance for slowing down and avoiding cellphone use while driving on base and especially while driving through base housing.

Q. Can we have consistency with the school gate times?  Gate guards have either showed up late or closed early. In addition, can the barriers be put up and traffic direction be enforced?


Defenders assigned to open Delaware will fall into Days guardmount at 0530.  If the member responsible for posting that day has not reported to guardmount, the on-duty Flight Chief will contact member, and flight will post Delaware Gate until the responsible member for that post can be located and arrives to assume their duties.

In the afternoons, if the Defender fails to notify Base Defense & Operations Center (BDOC) that they have assumed post at Delaware gate by 1415, the on-duty Days Flight Chief will be contacted by BDOC and report to Delaware Gate until the responsible member for that post can be located and arrives to assume their duties.  The Swings Flight Chief will also ensure that the gate is posted prior to conducting guardmount at 1415.

Q. Can the lights (out and/or dim) on the walking trail be replaced?  (Near: Frontier Meadows; Rhode Island)


Residents on base are encouraged to call Dyess Family Homes (DFH) maintenance at (325-793-9800) when street lights are out in the housing area.  DFH periodically checks street lighting at night and once a street light outage is identified, DFH maintenance creates a work order to resolve the issue.

Q. Is there any way to provide/make available bathroom access for the big park?  The bathrooms were initially open at the new community center until vandalized by children.


The restrooms are closed at night due to security issues and damage which occurred while open late during the summer months.  Dyess Family Homes will continue to review a way to keep residents and property safe and determine if extended hours are an option in the future.

Q. Is the new housing portal the only way to report maintenance issues?


Residents, including spouses, can contact the Dyess Family Homes (DFH) maintenance office (325-793-9800) to turn in work orders.  Also, for any resident portal access issues, please contact the DFH office (325-701-9276) – they are ready and able to assist.

Q. Can spouses be notified when they are firing at the range?  How are the EOD notifications pushed?  Can it be done better?


Notifications are published on three (3) different platforms to ensure widest dissemination.

(1) The “Dyess Air Force Base” Facebook page is updated with notifications; for spouses who use Facebook, recommend they follow the “Dyess Air Force Base” page.  

(2)  Notifications are also published on the AF Connect app; recommend all download the AF Connect application to their personal device to receive notifications and have a variety of information readily available.        

(3) AtHoc notification system provides pop-up information to all Airmen logged onto an Air Force network computer – recommend when Airmen receive the information, they share with spouses/key spouses.

Q. Since housing is privatized, can an Airmen’s family stay in housing for a few months after the military member PCSs? (so that kids can finish school)


Dyess Family Homes will work with the resident and review each situation individually.  If approved, the request will then go through the Military Housing Office (MHO) for final approval.  The dependents can remain in the home, once approved by both DFH and MHO.

Q. Can we get clarification on why BBC step-children are not considered in the housing room allotment?  I was told my step-child was to sleep on the couch for the summer.


Depending on an Airman’s situation (i.e. mil-to-mil; mil-to-mil separated/divorced; Single military members) AFI 32-6001 defines bedroom entitlements based on number of dependents, how long dependents live with the resident during a calendar year, custodial agreements and other legal documentation that may impact entitlements.  The Military Housing Office is responsible for qualifying all members who choose to reside in Dyess Family Homes, and all documentation is reviewed during this entitlement process.

Q. Can there be consistency for whom the larger (more rooms) houses are given to on base? Couples with no children are getting 4-bedrooms, couples with 5 children are getting 3-bedrooms, etc.


This depends on housing availability when the family arrives.  A member is only offered a larger home if their bedroom entitlement is not available and there is no waitlist for an available larger home.  If a member chooses to move into a smaller unit based on availability, they can put themselves back on the Dyess Family Homes (DFH) waitlist for a larger home.  DFH briefs members on their options and costs associated with a move from one unit to another.

Q. The commissary experience be improved (eliminate empty shelves and expired food)?  


Commissary continuously working to ensure the Not-In-Stock (NIS) are steadily being replenished.  Many of the great deals provided are seasonal one time buys and are not available after the initial orders as in the case of the 48 cents per lb. turkeys etc.  For many months now, the vendor stocking has been an issue (stocking & expired removal).  Two new employees have been hired for vendor stocking and have resolved many previously noted issues.  As for expired foods, this is a previously identified issue, staff are aware and monitor to ensure no expired foods are on shelves.  If a patron identifies expired foods, they can request any DeCA employee to call the on-duty manager or Mr. Jason Vitello – the Store director.

Q. Would the commissary be able to begin an online food order pickup like the local supermarkets?


Commissary - at this time only a handful of the larger stores have this option available.  It is unknown if this initiative will filter down to the smaller stores.  If the option becomes available to the Dyess Commissary be assured we would put in our bid for the service. Please let the commissary manager know if you believe that this option would improve your shopping experience.

Q. Are there vehicles available for children walking during black flag conditions?


The root cause of this issue is a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required to drive the bus, and currently there are not enough staff with CDLs.  At this time, the Youth Director’s primary plan is to develop a local CDL training program to have three additional drivers in place by 30 Jun 20.  Alternatively, the Youth Center is researching commercial training programs to facilitate and accelerate the training process.  A contingent solution is to convert the fleet to vans that do not require a CDL, however this course of action would require an increase staff.  Black Flag conditions at Dyess are mostly applicable during afternoon school release; on days when there is inclement weather (to include Black Flag Condition), the staff will use the buses if there are enough drivers available. 

Q. Is there a plan to hire more MFLACs?


We currently have three (3) full time Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLC’s) - 1 embedded in 317 AW; 1 Embedded in AMXS; and 1 Base MFLC. 

There is a plan to hire more MFLC’s and 3 have already been submitted which will be embedded to squadrons (7 CMS, 7 OG and 7 SFS).  Spouses can seek the MFLC in their squadron or utilize the Base MFLC located at Airman and Family Readiness Center.  Please be mindful that MFLC’s are short term solution focused counselors and CANNOT handle or deal with anyone already seeking Mental Health issues or those that have suicide ideations.  MFLC’s are mandatory reporters and once that door is opened, they provide a warm handover to Mental Health (MH) on base or the MH off base (i.e. ER’s) for assessment.

Q. Was the plan to send pediatric care off base communicated with the Abilene medical facilities? They did not seem adequately prepared for the influx in beneficiaries.


Yes, there was communication with our Abilene off-base pediatricians.  We verified with the practices whether they were accepting new patients and what age groups they were able to accept.

All pediatric physicians' offices were contacted directly (either the office nurse or in some case the physician themselves) to inquire whether they if they were willing to take some of our pediatric population.  This process was completed during the first week of April 2019, and almost all agreed to accept additional Dyess pediatric patients.  Our notes indicate that there was one new physician who was unable to accept any new patients.  Accordingly, this physician’s name was not included on the list of physicians that was mailed to our families.   In order to complete the process, we coordinated all the referrals and accommodated families when they called asking to change to an off-base provider.  This process commenced on April 29, 2019 and we achieved our new enrollment target on August 12, 2019.   During this process, we had only one family call stating they were not happy with the off-base pediatrician, and they were assisted with finding a new pediatrician.  

Q. Is there a way to obtain a referral (for pregnancies, mental health/therapy for children, or other thing not covered by the base hospital) prior to PCSing to Dyess, in order to avoid lengthy wait times?


If the patient is coming from a Humana MTF, then Humana could possibly process the referral while the patient is enroute.   However, if the patient is coming from a different Regional contractor like Healthnet or overseas, the referral would not process correctly.   Referrals are entered by the PCM and processed by whichever contract company the clinic falls under (Humana, Healthnet), and they enroll to the PCM once they get here.  Until the date they arrive and are transferred to Humana, our regional contractor, the old contractor has responsibility for their off-base care.

Q. When and where will the “” job site be posted?


The site is up and running now and can be accessed at any time.  We are still in the process of adding more jobs, however, folks can go on and view now.