USMC Detachment-1

USMC Detachment-1

United States Marine Corps Detachment-1 325-696-5850. The United States Marine Corps Detachment-1, Motor Transport Maintenance Company, is a Reserve unit that performs vehicle maintenance operations all across the United States as well as training for warfighting here at Dyess. An active-duty staff of 10 and Reserve element of 100 train together one weekend each month.

Their higher headquarters is 4th Combat Logistic Battalion 453 located in Aurora Co., and 4th Marine Logistics Group located in New Orleans, La. Regular events for the Marines include the annual Marine Corps Ball, weapons and swimming qualifications, Toys for Tots, Marine Corps Martial Arts, Maintenance Operations and Field Exercises. In addition, the Marines participate in numerous 7th Bomb Wing events such as the Air Force Ball, Dyess Olympics, wing runs, and joint training adventures in weapons and field exercises.

Contact Information


220 2nd St.

Duty Phone:

OOD 325-307-8079