Junior Enlisted Foundations Course (JEFC 300)


Course Length: 5 Days

Description: The Junior Enlisted Foundations Course 300 bridges the gap between tech school and Airman Leadership School (ALS) and will be a prerequisite for ALS beginning FY25. The course provides students with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to conform to standards, custom and courtesies, and offers guidance to help enhance the students’ focus on becoming highly efficient career field and 5-skill level agents. The JEFC 300 empowers Airman to reflect on their behaviors in relation to the Airmen Leadership Qualities. It facilitates the journey to developing supervisory and leadership skills, developing the competency of leading individuals and teams, and understanding the guardrails and guidelines of supervision.

Course Schedule & Registration

24-A May 13-17

24-B July 22-26

24-C September 16-20

25-A October 21-25

25-B December 9-13