Base Security

Base Security

Rules of the Road
To operate a vehicle on Dyess AFB, you'll need a valid driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. While on base, everyone is required to wear a safety belt. Children who are younger than 5 years and weigh less than 50 pounds must be restrained in a child safety seat. Texas state law mandates front seat passengers must wear seat belts. A recent addition to the Texas Traffic Transportation Code also mandates seat belts for all passengers under the age of 17, regardless of where they are seated.

Motorcycle riders must wear impact-resistant goggles or a full-face shield on their helmets and a brightly-colored vest or jacket as an outer upper garment during the day (the garment must also be reflective for night driving). The outer garment must be clearly visible and not covered. Riders must also wear long sleeved shirts or jackets, full fingered motorcycle gloves or mittens, long trousers and sturdy footwear. Leather boots or over-the-ankle shoes are strongly encouraged. Driving-while-intoxicated laws are strictly enforced on and off base.

Texas statutes set the intoxication level at .08 BAC. If civilian authorities stop you and your BAC is .08 or higher, you are guilty of driving while intoxicated. First-time offenders may face a $100 to $2,000 fine, and/or confinement of three days to two years. Also, Texas has a law known as administrative license revocation. This law mandates the automatic suspension of a driver's license when caught while driving while intoxicated. The following may enhance an individual's sentence: previous charges involving alcohol; the presence of an open container; or an alcohol related incident involving injury or death. The department of public safety recognizes the home-state license of out-of-state military people. The department also recognizes, until expiration, the state license of a military person's previous duty assignment. However, Texas residents must renew expired license.

Base Security
The 7th Security Forces Squadron has overall responsibility for base security and law enforcement. Security forces headquarters is at 390 Fourth Ave. The desk sergeant, 696-COPS (696-2131), will assist you in any emergency or answer any questions concerning security forces activities. If a crime or suspicious activity is observed, call 911 to alert security forces. Security forces patrol the base and base housing at irregular intervals day and night.

Dyess has two gates for vehicle traffic: The main gate on Arnold Boulevard is open 24-hours-a-day. The Tye gate is open 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays). Visitor passes can only be obtained at the Visitor Control Center (VCC) located at the main gate. Parents are encouraged to instruct their children about how to contact the police and assure them security forces personnel can always offer assistance. Please contact the VCC for more information on visitor passes at 696-2432.

Everyone residing in Dyess dormitories and base housing must register their privately owned firearms. Personnel do this through their commander, with the 7th Security Forces Squadron armory, which is located at 1001 Ave. A3. People residing in base housing may keep their firearms in their quarters or at the 7 SFS armory. Privately owned firearms and other weapons may not be retained in the dormitories by dormitory residents.

The 7 SFS armory will provide courtesy storage of privately owned firearms and ammunition for dormitory residents. Dormitory residents must present their firearms and ammunition to the 7 SFS armory for registration and storage upon arrival. Members' units are responsible for the storage of non-firearm type weapons to include pellet rifles, paintball markers, bows and arrows, knives longer than 3.5 inches in blade length, swords and hunting sling shots for dormitory residents.

Firearms and other weapons may not be stored in vehicles. Transportation of firearms is allowed from an authorized storage location directly off the base and then back on the base directly to the storage location upon return. Transported firearms must be unloaded, separated from their ammunition and out of easy access of vehicle occupants. Concealed carry permits are not valid while on the military installation. Privately owned firearms of visitors to the base will be courtesy stored at the 7 SFS armory during their visit. Visitors should present their firearms immediately upon arrival to the 7 SFS armory for storage. For more information, contact the 7 SFS armory at 696-2728.