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News > B-1 nose art competition ends Aug. 20
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Nose Art competition
Entry 1 nose art submitted by Senior Airman Jeremiah Hunter, 7th Logistics Readiness Squadron.
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B-1 nose art competition ends Aug. 20

Posted 7/26/2011   Updated 8/2/2011 Email story   Print story


7/26/2011 - DYESS AIR FORCE BASE Texas  -- The 7th Maintenance Group is sponsoring a B-1 nose art competition to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. The winner of the competition will get his/her drawing placed on a B-1 aircraft. To submit a nose art, follow the guidelines below and submit to 7bwpa@dyess.af.mil. To vote for your favorite nose art, comment on the bottom of the page with the photo number.

- Rules
-- Purpose/theme: Design a permanent B-1 nose art memorializing the 10-Year anniversary of 9/11; nose art design should capture the spirit and resilience of America and use elements recognizable from the day's events
-- Eligibility: Active duty, civilians, dependents and contractors assigned to/employed by Dyess AFB
-- Artists may submit multiple entries
-- One vote per person when voting for finalists
-- Original submissions only, no copy righted material; all submissions will be reviewed by legal prior announcement of finalists
-- Submissions must be free of profanity, prejudice, racial, religious and sexual images and words
-- Format: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, JPEG, TIF, GIF, Adobe
-- Ideal resolution of 2600 x 2600 (nose art reproduced on the aircraft is 30" x 30")

- Competition timeline
-- July 15-Aug. 20: Accept submissions
-- Aug. 21: Top five nose arts will be selected
-- Aug. 22 - 25: Panel of judges will meet to pick winning nose art
-- No later than Aug. 31: Announce winner
-- No later than Sept. 7: 7th Equipment Maintenance Squadron makes and applies the nose art to a B-1 aircraft
-- Sept. 9: Have an unveiling ceremony to include the artist, media and dedicated crew chief

8/25/2011 1:31:01 PM ET
Number 20
na, Texas
8/25/2011 1:27:46 PM ET
I vote for 20
Nicole, Dyess afb
8/20/2011 12:15:12 AM ET
vote for 18 its average and I like average
justyne testerman, dyess
8/19/2011 4:02:23 PM ET
Vote 11
Bat, Texas
8/19/2011 3:19:30 PM ET
I love number 18 Patrick Williams
Christina, abilene tx
8/19/2011 1:43:19 PM ET
I vote for entry 18 Patrick Williams ..Amazing work
Julissa Figueroa, Arlington
8/19/2011 12:33:20 PM ET
I vote for 12.
Rhonda Murphy, Columbina Ohio
8/19/2011 11:54:56 AM ET
Jon, dyess
8/19/2011 10:22:49 AM ET
Design 11 rocks Love the detail.
Carrie, Dyess TX
8/19/2011 10:05:53 AM ET
My vote is for Valerie Little's art.
Andrew, Ohio
8/19/2011 9:23:41 AM ET
John, Dyess
8/19/2011 9:12:26 AM ET
Outstanding work by all. Design 11 is top of the list. Good work Mark
Mohawk 1, Dyess
8/19/2011 2:56:08 AM ET
My vote is for Number 13
Carol, United States
8/19/2011 2:52:42 AM ET
Photo Number 13
Ashley Williams, Florida
8/18/2011 7:18:42 PM ET
vote for 13 Jessssica Henderson
Donald Capps, Navarre Fl.
8/18/2011 7:16:58 PM ET
I vote for 13 Jessica Johnson
Betty Capps, NavarreFl
8/18/2011 5:58:30 PM ET
entry 13
MKJ, Tallahassee FL
8/18/2011 3:08:54 PM ET
I vote for number 12
Morris, michigan
8/18/2011 2:23:32 PM ET
Voting for no. 13
Lynn Henderson, Everett WA
8/18/2011 11:54:00 AM ET
Entry 13 by far
Calvin, Pensacola
8/18/2011 11:50:49 AM ET
Entry 5 Patrick Williams
Ysatis, MD
8/18/2011 11:47:46 AM ET
Number 5 Great job
Matthew Wright, Fort Bragg SC
8/18/2011 11:46:12 AM ET
Entry 5 Patrick Williams
Ysatis, Maryland
8/18/2011 11:36:28 AM ET
My vote goes to Entry 5 by Airman 1st Class Patrick Williams Great job
Iris Mejia, Ogden Utah
8/18/2011 11:33:55 AM ET
Entry 13 thats my pick
Kirt Maxey, Baker Fl
8/18/2011 11:26:49 AM ET
Number 5 looking good. Nice Patrick Williams.
Miguel Ness Mejia, Arlington VA
8/18/2011 11:00:34 AM ET
Entry 13
rosco, mary esther fl
8/18/2011 10:56:51 AM ET
Entry 13 Nose Art submitted by Jessica Henderson
Linda Maxey, Florida
8/18/2011 10:53:22 AM ET
Entry 13
Lyndsi, United States
8/18/2011 9:44:25 AM ET
Number 13
Nathan Hetrick, Cannon AFB NM
8/18/2011 9:40:35 AM ET
Entry 5 by Patrick Williams
Jay, Riverdale Maryland
8/18/2011 9:38:56 AM ET
I Vote For Entry 5 by Airman 1st Class Patrick Williams
jasmine, Fort Washington MD
8/18/2011 12:13:14 AM ET
Entry 12
Hope, ohio
8/18/2011 12:11:30 AM ET
Entry 12
Phyllis, ohio
8/18/2011 12:10:24 AM ET
entry 12
Iris, ohio
8/17/2011 11:56:26 PM ET
Entry 12
Tara, ohio
8/17/2011 9:10:24 PM ET
Number 12 is exquisite and has my vote. Amazing job Val
Bethany, Wooster Ohio
8/17/2011 9:06:12 PM ET
Entry 12
Ed Briand, Bristol NH
8/17/2011 8:40:07 PM ET
My vote is for number 12 she got it right great job Valerie
gina, ohio
8/17/2011 8:08:58 PM ET
I am voting for Entry 12 Nose Art submitted by Valerie Little 7th Equipment Maintenance Squadron.
Linda Wilson, Atwater Ohio
8/17/2011 7:37:33 PM ET
I vote for number 12
Matt Wohlford, Wooster OH
8/17/2011 6:27:39 PM ET
My vote goes to 12
Amber Bidinger, Wooster Ohio
8/17/2011 4:28:23 PM ET
Valerie Little entry 12
Tara Talbott, Alamogordo NM
8/17/2011 3:56:15 PM ET
I love entry 12 This is by far the best entry Nice job val little
judy khoramshahi, wooster oh
8/17/2011 3:55:16 PM ET
Entry 12
Geoff Haught, Columbus OH
8/17/2011 3:50:25 PM ET
Valerie Little Entry number 12
Kelly Colich, Alamogordo NM
8/17/2011 3:43:06 PM ET
Entry 12
DJ, Alliance OH
8/17/2011 3:37:28 PM ET
Artwork 12
Paul Hawk, Philadelphia Pa.
8/17/2011 3:22:00 PM ET
Love number 12....great job Val
Lindsay, Orlando
8/17/2011 3:12:51 PM ET
Entry 12. Great job Valerie
Christina Anthony, Socorro NM
8/17/2011 3:08:05 PM ET
Entry 12. Good Luck. Great job.
Kathleen Long, Struthers Oh
8/17/2011 3:02:32 PM ET
My vote is for entry 12. It says it all
Heather, Leetonia OH
8/17/2011 2:45:24 PM ET
Entry 12 hands down Great job val
sara price, virginia beach va
8/17/2011 2:39:11 PM ET
Entry 12 Valerie LittleWonderful Work Little
Amy Carrera, Dallas Tx
8/17/2011 12:17:53 PM ET
I vote for 12
Abby, Wooster OH
8/17/2011 9:55:01 AM ET
Entry number 12 captures both the tragedy of September 11 and the fighting spirit of the American people
Jessica Jacobs, Pennsylvania
8/17/2011 9:17:45 AM ET
entry 13 is the best. My aunt Jessica is a very talent artist
Kayden M., Robins AFB GA
8/17/2011 9:14:47 AM ET
My vote is for 12.
Kathryn Carpenter, Wooster Ohio
8/17/2011 9:14:03 AM ET
Vote 12 the art says it all
Robin Biddle, Wooster Oh
8/17/2011 8:36:01 AM ET
I vote for entry 12. Good job Val
Abby Reber, Knoxville TN
8/17/2011 7:23:19 AM ET
number 12 it Rocks and it gets the point accross.
Robert DiBerardino, Charlotte NC
8/17/2011 3:06:58 AM ET
I vote for Number 5
Sara, Texas
8/16/2011 10:19:24 PM ET
Entry 12
Seth Webb, Dyess AFB TX
8/16/2011 9:14:06 PM ET
Entry 13
Diana , Bella Vista AR
8/16/2011 8:55:31 PM ET
Number 12 because yours is by far the best and we luv ya
Paul Walker, Wooster Oh
8/16/2011 8:39:21 PM ET
I vote for artwork number 12 artwork by Valerie Briand Little
Lottie Bibza, Grove City PA
8/16/2011 8:37:10 PM ET
I choose 12 great job Val
Michael Green, Japan
8/16/2011 8:13:49 PM ET
vote 13
8/16/2011 7:01:59 PM ET
Vote for 13
Jay, eglin
8/16/2011 5:32:22 PM ET
I think I'll go with Entry 12.
Keith Briand, Wooster OH
8/16/2011 4:16:09 PM ET
Number 5 really shows the Symbolism in the drawing.
John Wayne, Pittsburgh PA
8/16/2011 4:14:06 PM ET
As a B-1 maintainer I would be most proud to see entry number 5 on a B-1
Brian, Dyess
8/16/2011 3:56:14 PM ET
Number 12 because Valerie and her design is the bees knees.
Sarah, Wooster OH
8/16/2011 3:48:09 PM ET
entry 12 lets go cousin val
Morgan Briand, leetoniaohio
8/16/2011 3:47:25 PM ET
Way to go cousin Valentry 12
Justyn Briand, Leetoniaohio
8/16/2011 3:22:17 PM ET
Number 5
Bingoooo, Yess Texas
8/16/2011 3:15:10 PM ET
going with 12 good work Val
Will, Dyess
8/16/2011 3:09:06 PM ET
Entry 12
Kenny Hay, Dyess
8/16/2011 2:48:06 PM ET
Entry 12 Good Job Little
Daniella, Beaufort SC
8/16/2011 2:42:46 PM ET
I vote Entry 13 Nose Art submitted by Jessica Henderson 7th Equipment Maintenance Squadron.
Kacie Sweatman, Fort Bragg NC
8/16/2011 2:24:42 PM ET
I vote number 13 Jessica Henderson
Ryan Maxey, Robins AFB GA
8/16/2011 1:47:31 PM ET
Number 12 please
Rachel Murff, Virginia Beach VA
8/16/2011 1:15:22 PM ET
entry 13 Jessica Henderson
Danielle Scholl, Robins AFB Warner Robins GA
8/16/2011 1:12:45 PM ET
Logo 12 very nice Valerie
Jean, Tuscola TX
8/16/2011 12:49:59 PM ET
vote for number 13 good job
greg stockard, abilene texas
8/16/2011 12:39:06 PM ET
Entry 12
Terry, Ohio
8/16/2011 12:27:44 PM ET
entry 12
Hope, ohio
8/16/2011 12:22:09 PM ET
Entry 12
Trent, Ohio
8/16/2011 11:25:15 AM ET
I vote for 12
Jasmine Johnson, Raleigh NC
8/16/2011 10:50:00 AM ET
Mike, Dyess afb
8/16/2011 10:11:38 AM ET
I vote for 13 Jessica Henderson
Whitney Smith, Toronto Ontario
8/16/2011 10:10:01 AM ET
Entry number 13
Dianna McMullan, Hurlburt Fld
8/16/2011 10:08:49 AM ET
Entry number 13
Dianna McMullan, Hurlburt Fld
8/16/2011 9:39:00 AM ET
Number 13. Love the Eagle and F-15.
Nadine, Salt Lake City UT
8/16/2011 7:49:12 AM ET
Entry 13 Nice work Jessica
Karen, Florida
8/16/2011 7:34:23 AM ET
Vote 12 good job Val
Karan Moss, akron OH
8/16/2011 6:48:04 AM ET
I love the eagle and the banner on number 13. It makes my heart swell with pride for this Great Country.
Chris Sadler, Fort Walton Beach FL
8/16/2011 6:17:40 AM ET
entry 12
Jay Briand, LeetoniaOhio
8/16/2011 6:16:49 AM ET
entry 12
Shelley Briand, LeetoniaOhio
8/16/2011 12:55:30 AM ET
I vote for Number 11 it reflects all the flights from 911 and also shows the pentagon. The others don't. It even shows how the number of those lost with wings for them. And I like the message in the ribbon of being united. Awesome job.
Jennifer , Dyess AFB TX
8/16/2011 12:11:02 AM ET
Entry 12 by far
Sierra Little, Ohio
8/16/2011 12:10:04 AM ET
Entry 12 definatly has my vote. Great Job
Sierra, Ohio
8/15/2011 10:36:50 PM ET
number 12
Jenelle Rowland, dublin ohio
8/15/2011 10:09:43 PM ET
I vote for number 12. Great art work with a great message.
mike diberardino, midland city alabama
8/15/2011 9:20:30 PM ET
Love the eagle and the banner on number 13. Makes my heart swell with pride for this Great Country.
Chris Sadler, Fort Walton Beach FL
8/15/2011 9:00:35 PM ET
Voting for 13
James Henderson, Fort Walton Beach FL
8/15/2011 8:58:37 PM ET
Picture 13 is by far the BEST
Gail Henderson, Fort Walton Beach FL
8/15/2011 8:58:05 PM ET
I vote for nose art entry 12
Kristy, Dyess AFB
8/15/2011 8:56:41 PM ET
Entry 12
Stefanie Forrest, Dyess AFB
8/15/2011 8:08:39 PM ET
Entry 12 Valerie Little
Amy, Michigan
8/15/2011 8:06:09 PM ET
Entry 12
Kyle, Dyess AFB
8/15/2011 8:05:41 PM ET
Entry 12
Jennifer, Dyess AFB
8/15/2011 7:40:29 PM ET
entry 13 Jessica Henderson
Dawn Maxey, Robins AFB GA
8/15/2011 7:34:51 PM ET
I vote for submission number 12.
Adam Runkle, Akron OH
8/15/2011 7:33:00 PM ET
I vote for Valerie Little number 12. The only way this artwork would look better is on the nose of a B-1
Melody Briand-Runkle, Akron OH
8/15/2011 6:59:40 PM ET
number 13
kodi, abilene tx
8/15/2011 6:50:59 PM ET
number 13
kodi riggs, abilene
8/15/2011 6:43:18 PM ET
Art work 13 Way to go Jess
matthew johnson, abilene tx
8/15/2011 6:37:05 PM ET
Number 11 captures it all. Nice job
Tamera Askren, United States
8/15/2011 6:29:13 PM ET
Entry 12
Aaron Boothby, Kent Ohio
8/15/2011 5:17:31 PM ET
Entry 13 - The eagle says it all. Great symbolism of what we as a country stand for.
K Whisenhunt, Abilene Texas
8/15/2011 3:28:45 PM ET
image 5 is my vote. BINGOOOOOooooo0000000OOOOoooo
james, dyess
8/15/2011 3:19:50 PM ET
Number 13
Stacee, Abilene TX
8/15/2011 1:43:20 PM ET
Entry 12 Valerie Little. Great job Val
Dee Briand, Wooster Ohio
8/15/2011 1:38:55 PM ET
Entry 12
Ashley W, Dyess
8/15/2011 1:31:25 PM ET
Submission 12 has my vote
Krystle, Dyess AFB TX
8/15/2011 1:30:06 PM ET
Number 12 good job Valerie it looks amazing
Chelsea Dowless, Portland OR
8/15/2011 1:18:32 PM ET
webb, abilene
8/15/2011 1:15:07 PM ET
Vote entry number 12
Kendra Walker, Wooster OH
8/15/2011 1:05:06 PM ET
Entry 12
Rachel, Dyess AFB
8/15/2011 12:59:43 PM ET
Vote 12
Jeff Staber, Dyess AFB TX. 7th EMS
8/15/2011 12:34:51 PM ET
Artwork 12
A1C Joseph Little, Dyess AFB
8/15/2011 11:14:25 AM ET
Entry 12 has every element to what happened that day and the events that followed.
Joe Little, Dyess AFB
8/15/2011 10:17:49 AM ET
Entry 5 is the best art hands down. Great Job A1c Williams
A1C Erron Farrow, 7 AMXS
8/12/2011 9:13:13 AM ET
Vote Number 5.....make it so
Jason Bronaugh, Dyess AFB Tx
8/12/2011 9:07:31 AM ET
Nose art number 5 good job Patrick Williams.
Anne, Dyess
8/12/2011 1:42:09 AM ET
5 by Patrick Williams is the best
Mathew Boyd, 7 AMXS Dyess AFB
8/12/2011 12:16:42 AM ET
Image 5 by A1C Williams is the best one by far.
Mike Martin, Dyess AFB
8/11/2011 8:32:05 PM ET
I can really the compassion and pride in all the soldiers' work. However Entry Nose 5 captures the essence of the strength power and resolve of American people.
Peggy Williams, Washinggton D.C.
8/11/2011 8:23:51 PM ET
My vote goes to No. 5 great pic.
Holly Porter, Hyattsville. MD
8/11/2011 6:59:17 PM ET
I vote for numer 5 nose art by Patrick Williams. His seems to be the most professional and I believe it captures the resilience of America and is easily recognizable.
A1C Dylan Scamara, Dyess AFB TX
8/11/2011 6:26:50 PM ET
Terry, Texas
8/11/2011 6:23:29 PM ET
Entry 5 Patrick Williams hands down.
Shawn Johnston, Dyess AFB
8/11/2011 5:30:59 PM ET
Number 5 Artwork by Patrick Williams would look best for B-1 nose artwork
Jared Catalano, Abilene Texas
8/11/2011 4:32:08 PM ET
5 is by far the best one submitted.
Simon Montandon, Dyess AFB
8/11/2011 1:53:09 PM ET
Artwork 5 by Patrick Williams is well thought out This is beautiful
Stephanie Williams , Glenville WV
8/11/2011 3:23:00 AM ET
I am voting for number 5 artwork done by Patrick Williams
Luis Lopez, Tx
8/10/2011 10:12:00 PM ET
Image 5 by A1C Williams
Kevin, Dyess AFB
8/10/2011 10:06:58 PM ET
They're all very great tributes but my fave is Entry 5 by Patrick Williams.
Jill, United States
8/10/2011 9:47:32 PM ET
Entry number five is where its at. Great job Airman 1st Class Patrick Williams of the 7th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.
Izaia , Texas
8/10/2011 9:19:03 PM ET
Entry 5 Patrick Williams. Beautifully done.
Sabrina Lopez, Abilene TX
8/10/2011 7:14:06 PM ET
I feel like Patrick Williams' entry number five captured the solidarity and pride in our nation that everyone has felt since that day in a simple way that will look great on the side of one of our bombers
Blake Garcia, Dyess AFB TX
8/10/2011 6:20:39 PM ET
Number 5 good job airman Williams
christopher crowley, Dyess AFB
8/10/2011 3:31:50 PM ET
I vote for Patrick Williams
SrA Mylum Chesley, 7AMXS Dyess AFB
8/10/2011 3:21:36 PM ET
nose art number 5 is amazing good job Patrick Williams you got skills
Francisco Mejia, washington d.c.
8/10/2011 3:12:02 PM ET
I love picture number 5 it has meaning to it Picture Number 5 gogogo
Munkhsaikhan, WDC
8/3/2011 7:40:37 PM ET
It captures all that happened on that day.......great job Jeremiah Hunter
Tina Hunter, Houston TX
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