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News > 2011 to 2012 USAFA and USMA instructor opportunities now available
2011 to 2012 USAFA and USMA instructor opportunities now available

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from Air Force Personel Center
Air Force Personel Center

7/29/2010 - RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Air Force Personnel Center is soliciting applications for officers 1st Lt to LtCol interested in serving as instructors at USAFA and limited positions at the United States Military Academy (USMA), West Point, NY. This is considered a special duty, 3-year controlled maximum tour. Members interested "MUST" be released by their respective AFPC core / functional officer assignment team (OAT) in order to compete. Officers who meet the eligibility criteria, located below, must submit an AFFM 3849 depicting the department desiring to instruct by 30 Sep 10.

Vigilance should be taken to protect Privacy Act (PA) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) when submitting or sending nominations, applications or other documents to DoD agencies whether through government internet systems (e-mail), postal methods, faxing or scanning. As a minimum review the following references and take appropriate actions to protect your PA/PII that contains sensitive or For Official Use Only (FOUO) information before sending: AFI 33-332, Privacy Act Program, Chapter 7 and 12, DoD 5400.11-R, Department of Defense Privacy Program; AFI 33-119, Air Force Messaging, and AFI 33-129, Web Management and Internet Use. (3) Reference use of a "Statement of Intent". Caution should be taken that if it collects PA/PII (i.e., SSN, DOB, home address, etc.) or is required based on AFI directive that the statement either be made into a form and Privacy Act Statement (PAS) be included (Reference: AFI 33-332, Ch 3 and AFI 33-360, para 3.10.1. "Privacy Act of 1974. Forms that collect personal data from individuals for inclusion in a Privacy Act (PA) system of records (a collection of records retrieved by an individual's name or personal identifier), and forms that request the individual to enter or verify the social security number, must contain a Privacy Act Statement (PAS).

1. AFPC will host Webinar to explain eligibility criteria and application procedures on 10 Aug 10 at 0900 CST and 1700 CST.

2. Officers desiring consideration for USAFA instructor opportunities will submit an application consisting of the following documentation:

A. AFFM 3849 endorsed by their first 0-6/colonel in chain of command. If member is deployed, endorsement must come from homestation leadership.

B. Accomplish Airman Development Plan (ADP) depicting special duty preference/volunteer status for USAFA. Update NLT 1 Dec 10.

C. USAFA applications (hard-copy AFFM 3849 only) should be saved in adobe acrobat file in the following format: Core AFSC, last name, first name, CY11 USAFA duty. pdf (for example, 62E Singletary, Jade, CY11 USAFA duty.pdf) and emailed to the Academic & Special Utilization Branch organizational mailbox (afpc.dpasf@randolph.af.mil). In cases where member is unable to e-mail application, please fax to (Comm) 210-565-3408, (DSN) 665-2830, or mail to: HQ AFPC/DPASF, 550 C Street W Ste 33, Randolph AFB, TX 78150.

3. Eligibility criteria:

A. Released by AFPC OAT in order to compete.

B. Rank: 1st Lt through Lt Col.

C. Meet or exceed 4 years time on station between 1 June 2011 and 1 December 2011.
NOTE: For Rated Personnel

· "Operational" rated officers assigned to wing and below level must have three (3) years time on station by 1 June 2011

· "Staff" rated officers assigned to above wing level must have four (4) years time on station by 1 June 2011

D. Be in a mandatory move status from 1 June 2011 to 1 December 2011.

E. Officers assigned overseas must have a date eligible to return from overseas(DEROS) between May 2011 and December 2011. DEROS curtailments will not be entertained to make one eligible. Officers must serve their initial DoD prescribed overseas tour length. As USAFA instructor opportunities are advertised annually, officers with DEROS prior to May 2011 may apply for a DEROS extension in order to become eligible.

F. Have a superior performance record; no previous referral officer performance reports (OPRs)/comments or unfavorable information files (UIFs).

G. Have a relevant masters degree or higher for Dean of Faculty positions. Masters or higher not required for Athletic Department or Prep-School positions.

H. Required endorsement: First 0-6/colonel in chain of command. If officer is deployed, endorsement must be accomplished by homestation leadership.

Special note: Rated and Non-rated Operations officers are assigned to USAFA in accordance with (IAW) their respective prioritization plan. Before applying for assignment to USAFA, rated members "must" complete their first flying gate (second flying gate completion is highly recommended).

4. You will be contacted by USAFA if any of the following items are required.
A. Military resume IAW AFH 33-337, The Tounge and Quill. tongue and quill.

B. Copy of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts with final grade point averages (GPAs) (not necessary for Athletic Department positions). Transcripts do not have to be official.

C. If applying for Athletic Department positions, include athletic background and achievements.

D. Telephone/personal interviews.

5. While not required, applicants are encouraged to contact their respective AFPC OAT prior to submitting their application. Interested applicants are advised not to contact USAFA directly prior to formal nomination for faculty consideration. AFPC will notify officers via email by 15 Oct 10 if application was forwarded to USAFA for consideration. At time of official selection, commanders are encouraged to submit a requisition for officers selected by this process to avoid potential gaps in unit manning.

6. USAFA instructor assignment timeline:

A. Application window July - September (min 60-days)

B. AFPC runs internal availability/release check 1 - 8 October 2010

C. AFPC notifies officer of consideration 15 October 2010

D. USAF Academy quality review/screening 15 October - 15 December 2010

E. AFPC notifies officer of selection 10 January 2011

F. AFPC selects and loads assignments for USAFA instructor duty based on AFAS (Air Force Assignment System) cycle timelines:
Summer cycle 1 January - 31 March 2011
Fall cycle 1 May - 31 July 2011

8. The following are academic Dean of Faculty, Athletic Department and USMA requirements.

NOTE: Masters degree or higher is "mandatory" for Dean of Faculty positions.
Academic Dean of Faculty:
Behavioral Science
Computer Science
Economics and Geosciences
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Military Studies

Athlectic Department: Mandatory "Division I" experience
Physical Education
Cross Country

United States Military Academy - West Point
Liaison Officer
Social Sciences

7. The following are academic and athletic department requirements at the Prep-School.
NOTE: Masters degree is "not" mandatory to instruct in these positions.

Athletics (football)

8. For more information please contact AFPC/DPASF, DSN 665-4048, Commercial (210) 565-4048, email address afpc.dpasf@randolph.af.mil . For rated inquiries, contact AFPC/DPAOS, DSN 665-4075, Commercial (210) 565-4075, email address afpc.dpaos@randolph.af.mil.


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