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7th Medical Group

In order to provide improved care for our Active Duty patients, the 7th Medical Group is updating its COVID-19 operations.  Beginning 16 November 2020, the COVID Clinic (formerly the COVID tent) will be located inside the MTF.  Be advised that we are working to reduce the amount of time that our patients spend waiting in long lines in the COVID lane by scheduling patients into appointments. 

  • If you are having symptoms, please call the 7 MDG appointment line at (325) 696-4677, option 6, to book an appointment.
  • If you have been notified by your command that you are a Close Contact, please call the above number and tell the clerk you need to be booked for Close Contact testing.

When reporting for your appointment, you will park in the designated area (see attached map) located outside the new COVID clinic entrance. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Be advised, you will NOT enter the building through the entry control point in the front of the building. Instead, please pull into the designated parking spot (see attached map), call the number on the sign and then remain in your vehicle and await further instructions. 

COVID Care moves inside medical group



For anyone seeking coping tips for stress, click the link here.

Trying to help children cope with stress? Click here for some helpful tips!


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  • Dyess COVID-19 Hotline: 325-696-4677, Option 6
  • Texas Department of Health Services: 512-776-7111
  • 24hr Nurse Advice Line: 1-800-874-2273

Closing and Cancellations


If you’re interested in becoming a driver or a student in need of a ride, please register with the link below:


  • Must have a DoD CAC card to access the SharePoint link above.
  • The site is only available via NIPR.
  • The Rideshare program is solely to be used to provide transportation for students to and from school/extracurricular activities during the school week.
  • The Rideshare program is not to be used to solicit rides for trips outside of education realms. (i.e. grocery store, bx runs, target, etc.)