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League of Legends

Open to beginners and non-beginners. A place and a club for current and new League of Legends enthusiasts or for those who want to be! In this club you will be surrounded by those who love League of Legends, or even just the idea of crafting their skills and being part of a team. For the people looking to connect, build teams, and play the game! It's time to get your team together, make new friends, embrace your gamer and go to battle, and represent the Air Force in a whole new way!

Club POC:  Shakeil Kanish                210-739-9908             shakeil.kanish@us.af.mil      

Alt POC:  Kelly Parker                       325-201-7825             kelly.parker1.@us.af.mil       

Dyess Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a traditional tabletop roleplaying game where players come together to experience perilous adventures and create amazing stories! In D&D, players create characters to act within a setting created by a Dungeon Master where they must use their imagination to interact with each other and the world! Whether it is your first time and you want to learn how to play, a veteran who wants to run your own game, or are just interested in sitting in on the fun the Dyess Dungeons and Dragons Club will be happy to be your opportunity for new adventures!

Club POC:  Sra Alexander Denning               831-383-8754             alexander.denning@us.af.mil

Dyess Nostalgic Gaming

If you're an amid gamer and would love to play those old school consoles your older relatives had or relive the old glory days of your child hood, this is the club for you!  Looking to expand your horizon in gaming, increase your network and/or knowledge in the gaming world, or just blowing off some stress & steam from tedious work, DNG could be the perfect place for you.

Club POC:  SrA Marc Gonsalves                    325-696-3169             marc.gonsalves.3@us.af.mil

                                                              201-328-5092             magonsalves7@gmail.com

Dyess Spouses' Club

The Dyess Spouses' Club is committed to serving by providing social and service opportunities for the Dyess and Abilene community. Membership is open to active duty, reserve or retired military, as well as spouses of Dyess civilian employees and widows of service members.

Club POC:  Dahlia Daniels             dyessspousesclub@gmail.com

Alt POC:  Celeste Cabana               dscpublicitychair@gmail.com

The Writers Block

With COVID-19 going around its very easy to feel stuck in your mind. The Writers Block is a great way to share your thoughts, expand on your writing abilities, share you stories, poems, or even written songs. Every Friday night I plan on having an open mic night where anyone would be free to share any of their works as they please.

Club POC: Ashley Clarke             ashley.clarke3@us.af.mil

Alt POC:  Austin Porte                  austin.porte@us.af.mil

Dyess LGBTQ+ Alliance

The Dyess LGBTQ+ Alliance will be an effort to bring together military and civilian LGBT+ persons and their allies. The Alliance will work to raise awareness about LGBT+ related issues and be a place of inclusion and acceptance.

Club POC:  SrA Robert Sykes                        325 696 2515                          robert.sykes.4@us.af.mil       

Alt POC:  A1C Samantha Heath                    325 696 4115                          samantha.heath@us.af.mil