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Out-processing: pcs conus q-coded

Apply for Retainability: 
Please apply for retainability with the MPS BLDG 7233 Rm 210. Retainability
 needsto be accomplished within 30 calendar days 
of Assignment notification.


(Exceptional Family Member Program):

This is accomplished through the Medical Group. You will need to contact the
EFMP office at 496-1194 to be scheduled for the briefing to start the proccess.
The EFMP can be started 180 days prior to departure date.


       Security Clearance:
ONLY if you require higher clearance or clearance renewal. Assignment security 
requirement is listed on Page 2 of your Assignment Notification RIP.  If you require 
higher access, please print your clearance letter from vMPF, Page 7 of Initial 
Assignment Briefing. This must be completed within 30 calendar days of your 
assignment notification.  

(FT HOOD: Please scan and email to 


       Air Force Form 4380
(Air ForceSpecial Needs Screener):

This is required for ALL Active Duty members with dependents, even if you are 
going on an unaccompanied tour. Complete the AF Form 4380 and provide to the
 Medical Group on the 2nd floor, room 2B13. 


(FT HOOD: Fax AF Form 4380 to COMM: 325-696-8533/DSN: 461-8533 
as soon as you have your assignment rip to begin this process. 
The MDG will instruct you how to proceed.)

       Department of Defense Form 1172
(DEERs Verification):

If you have dependents, please stop by the MPS and pick up a 
DD Form 1172 from Customer Service, room 129.  Turn it in to 
Outbound Assignments for clarification of dependents on orders.




       Final Out-Processing Checklist / Appointment




Final Out-Processing