7th CES receives multiple AFGSC awards

7th CES receives multiple AFGSC awards

The 7th Civil Engineer Squadron provides Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, with a safe, robust, and sustainable installation. Their work is an essential part of the mission as the infrastructure of the base is the foundational fighting platform of every unit that occupies it. In 2018, the squadron won many Air Force Global Strike Command awards to include the Air Force Outstanding CE Unit Award.

The men and women of the 7th Civil Engineer Squadron are the maintainers and stewards of the infrastructure of Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. They provide agile customer service and emergency services to over 13,000 people.

The 7th CES is always working hard to provide the people of Dyess a safe, robust, and sustainable installation. This work is an essential part of the mission as the infrastructure of the base is the foundational fighting platform of every unit that occupies it.

“This incredible team of less than 500 personnel has accomplished an insurmountable amount of work over last year,” said Lt. Col. Charles Fletcher, 7th CES commander. “I am simply amazed and impressed with the squadron’s commitment of making Team Dyess better each day.”

This past year was filled with tremendous challenges for the team, but the civil engineers never ran away from a fight. The aging infrastructure of the base has caused historic spikes in work requests, and emergency power and electrical outages. Furthermore, the squadron tackled numerous fire department and explosive ordnance disposal emergencies including two aircraft emergency mishaps. The squadron didn’t just deal with the difficulties, but did so with courage and excellence so that supported units were taken care of and made the priority.

Due to their exemplary work throughout the year, 7th CES swept the house when it came time for functional award season. In total, the Squadron submitted 16 awards packages to Air Force Global Strike Command, and walked away with seven command-level wins. These accolades included both unit and individual awards in the various categories listed below. The awards that were earned by the 7th CES team this year is a drastic increase from last year, where the squadron unfortunately came home empty-handed.

- AF Outstanding CE Unit (Small) – 7th Civil Engineer Squadron
- Colonel Frederick J. Riemer Award – 7th Readiness & Emergency Management Flight

- Air Force Emergency Manager of the Year (Military) – Staff Sgt. Dominic Garcia
- Major General Eugene A. Lupia Award (Airman) – Senior Airman Jonathon Strader
- Major General Eugene A. Lupia Award (Company Grade Officer) – Capt. Katy Deiters
- Air Force Outstanding Civil Engineer Manager of the Year Award (Civilian) – Mr. Laramie Collier
- EOD MasterBlaster of the Year Award (CGO) – Capt. Andrew Foltermann

According to Capt. Andrew Foltermann, 7th CES EOD flight commander, the most notable of these awards is the AFGSC Outstanding CE Unit award.

The award recognizes the most outstanding Air Force civil engineer units—units that have performed with the most distinction during the award period. It includes achievements made from all flights and is the culmination of the outstanding efforts made by everyone in the squadron—teamwork was the key to elevating the squadron to this next level. This is the first time that the 7th CES has ever earned this award.

“I have witnessed the squadron accomplish remarkable successes during my short period as commander here, there’s no surprise that the squadron was recognized with this deserving award,” said Fletcher.

The squadron will move on to the Air Force level to compete against the other commands where the winners will be announced at a later date.

“The squadron has been supporting and doing great things for Team Dyess for quite a while, however, this is the first-time that the Major Command has recognized us with the Maj. Gen. Robert H. Curtin, Outstanding Civil Engineer Unit Award,” Foltermann said. “Regardless of the outcome for the Air Force level winners, your engineers will continue to lead the way.”