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  • The good old days

    Throughout my career I have heard the expression, "I sure miss the good old days!" This was a typical response for whenever someone was asked to do something that required a lot of work or they lacked the money to buy something for their unit. Now that I am older and have been around awhile, I can truly say I don't miss, "The good old days." Those
  • It’s not about the Bag!

    And there I was, cruising along minding my own business after a good workout, feeling pretty good about myself, thinking about the day's events, and that's when it happened, "Hey Chief, come over here for a minute". I initially thought he was talking to someone else, but as I looked around it was only him and I. I started over and as I approached
  • Core Values

    Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do are the United States Air Force's core values. They are not just words, they are the standard. We volunteered to serve our country and should remember that our individual actions define not just us but also the Air Force. I hear Airmen say they are on duty 24/7, and that is true.
  • Love your heart: know your numbers

    Heart disease is a condition that causes coronary artery disease. Most people with heart disease have experienced a heart attack, angina, heart failure, irregular heart rate and/or irregular heartbeats. Unfortunately, all ages can be affected by it. Heart disease causes one out of four deaths in the United States, and it is the leading cause of
  • Thank you!

    As I approach my retirement ceremony, I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Team Dyess for their sacrifice, dedication, professionalism and service to country. I have been blessed with an amazing 20-year career, primarily because I have had the opportunity to serve with tremendous Airmen and Department of Defense civilians
  • Don’t stress over Force Management

    The last time I had a chance to write one of these articles I focused on stress management and this time I thought about writing about the importance of honest and timely feedback. While feedback is important, I changed my mind when I saw how stressed a lot of my Airmen were with all of the new Force Management programs and thought readdressing the
  • Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

    Throughout my career I have always loved to work out; I've run, swam, biked, crossfitted and climbed. One aspect I have always found to be true was, to get better, to get competitive, at any of these events it takes focused training. Training that pushes you past the level of comfort. In fact, to improve I have always found it essential to become
  • Think before you post

    Have you ever had one of those days that it seems like you are working harder than your coworkers? You made 100 widgets and your coworker has only made 50. So, what do you do when you perceive the workload as unfair? Do you go home and blast your frustrations out on social media for all to see or do you sit in your duty section and complain about
  • Prevent and detect cervical cancer: get your pap smear

    According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 12,340 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer and 4,030 will die from this preventable disease. Prior to 1955, cervical cancer was a common cause of death among women in America. Due to the implementation of the Pap test or Pap smear, deaths associated with cervical cancer decreased by
  • Empowering front line supervisors

    "It's just easier to do this myself." A phrase so commonly heard in today's Air Force, and one that does more damage than good. Through years of experience, as leaders and senior NCOs, we've learned how to do our job. We know exactly what we're looking for and how it should be done. Unfortunately, it is often easier to just do it ourselves than to