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  • Flourish Where You’re Planted

    You've probably heard that if you do good work every day no matter what your job is, eventually your efforts will be noticed and rewarded. What happens if you go above and beyond in every aspect of your career, both on the job and off? You may just find yourself with some incredible opportunities.Senior Airman David Clement has been an exemplary
  • Fitness and leadership

    In today's tough economic times, American citizens expect government officials to be wise stewards of their hard earned tax dollars. Americans hope their money will be used effectively and efficiently. They also expect a vigilant military that is in top shape, prepared to defend our nation's interests and the United States Constitution. Our country
  • What makes a great leader?

    What makes a great leader? There are many articles and thoughts out there about this subject. So what are some character traits for great leadership? A leader has to have the intelligence required to understand people on an emotional level. A leader has to have empathy. A leader has to understand what motivates and drives their people to accomplish
  • Know it when it counts

    For the three years I've been in the Air Force, I've experienced more training then anyone would like. I've always questioned why the Air Force insists we be branded with the same information during training over and over.Personally, I thought Self-Aid Buddy Care was one of the least useful to me. I understood the importance of being able to
  • We meet again

    Airmen from the 317th Airlift Group were recently reunited with another unit who shares little known history forged in combat over 70 years ago. While deployed to Ramstein Air Base, Germany, members of the 317th AG flew elements of the 503rd Infantry Regiment from their base in Italy to Eastern Europe as part of a NATO show of force during the
  • Why take an oath?

    When we enter the Air Force we take an oath. When we reenlist, or pin on a new rank (at the individual's discretion), we take an oath. Why do we take oaths? What is the importance of an oath, and why does it seem so important to the members of the military? This is a humble attempt to answer some of these questions and motivate the readers to think
  • A chance for me to say thank you

    I'll be honest; it didn't dawn on me until yesterday. I can understand if you forgot, or didn't notice. It's easy, after all, with last-minute taskers, performance reports to write, doing the daily tasks asked of us- a lot of times I think these recognition months become white noise. You hear it, but you really don't.It's a shame, too. I can't tell
  • Autopsy of an ethical failure

    What leaders can learn from the intercontinental ballistic missile test compromise at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont.As a leader, how can I create a culture ripe for ethical failure? If possible, can I create a culture that will ruin my career and subject myself and my subordinates to negative administrative actions or criminal liability? Although
  • What's your why?

    I recently re-read a book by Simon Sinek titled, "Start with Why, How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action". This book was recommended by the surgeon general for Air Combat Command, Brig. Gen. Daniel Wyman, and I want to share with you just a couple of points from the book to hopefully get you thinking about your "Why."Sinek starts by
  • Are you due?

    Cancer of the colon and/or rectum is known as colorectal cancer. In 2010, roughly 10,366 Texans were diagnosed with colorectal cancer, which resulted in nearly 3,578 deaths that year. Approximately 60 percent of colorectal deaths in America are preventable, but unfortunately 140,000 people are diagnosed with it annually. Men and women who are 50