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  • Lean: not just TQM repackaged

    Another opportunity is before us. Some may cringe when “opportunity” is used by a supervisor; apprehensive as to how this “opportunity” will change their daily tasks and work tempo. This is a reasonable reaction as technicians must adjust their work while still striving to meet anticipated schedule and performance standards.The opportunity I’m
  • Flexibility -- how much do you offer?

    If you’ve been in the Air Force for more than a second, then you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase, “Flexibility is the key to air power.” Okay, I promise not to bore you with more bumper sticker slogans or quotations from ancient Greek mythology, but I do want to break down flexibility and bring it a little closer to home.Webster’s definition of
  • Keeping it in the green

    St. Patrick’s Day started me thinking about the many meanings of the color green.As an aircrew member, “down, three green” means the landing gear are down and locked and the aircraft is ready to land. At staff meetings, we use red, amber and green stoplight charts to track a program, with green indicating the program is going well. In the
  • Air Force Chief of Staff addresses Airmen

    To the Airmen of the United States Air Force,March 19 marked the third anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the removal of an oppressive, dangerous regime. This was the culmination of a joint and coalition intense effort on land, sea and air. I want to take this moment to say thanks for all your sacrifices and to let you know that you are
  • Remembering a trailblazer

    She was born an Oregonian. During the early stages of World War II, she was a radio technician for the U.S. Forest Service.To help support the war, she enlisted in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, without any thought of making the military a career. The idea was to help win the war so everyone could get back to living in peace.She started as a
  • Force protection -- it’s your responsibility

    Every time you drive on base, you see a little brown sign on the guard shack that tells you what force protection condition the base is in.How often do you even read it, let alone pay attention to it?Force protection.We hear these two words all the time -- but what do they mean to us?When force protection fails, the costs are often unbearable.In
  • I report to my boss, I work for my people

    I report to my boss, but I work for my people.Before you think, “I wouldn’t have said that if I were her,” hear me out.This phrase is about taking care of people and being a selfless leader. When I walk through my door every morning, I’m not thinking about what I can do to impress my boss but what I can do to help my people.Does it mean my boss
  • The Air Force family: filling in the gaps

    My family is what I value most in life. I’m sure most people feel the same way. I believe a secure and happy home provides the foundation for us to succeed and prosper in the all areas of our lives. And to maintain that comfortable balance, at one time or another, we all need to employ outside resources. For most people, this means calling an
  • Got CCAF?

    Have you ever heard the motto “the foundation of liberty is knowledge?” I hope you have, for this is the motto of the Community College of the Air Force, or CCAF.Truer words were never spoken. Our pursuit of knowledge -- along with life and work experiences -- provides all that’s necessary for us to unleash our talent, better develop our Airmen,