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  • Great relationships, incredible experiences, fantastic mentors

    A lot of Airmen ask me, “When did you decide to make the Air Force a career?”I never woke up one morning and said, “I’m going to make the Air Force a career.” I enlisted in 1995 as a firefighter with a simple goal—to follow in my dad’s footsteps. I intended to serve four years, then separate. However, through great relationships, incredible
  • Servant leaders build strong Airmen, teams

    I have the honor of speaking with Airmen of all ranks and ages where I get to share my perspectives on the Air Force and a host of other subjects that affect our Airmen every day. During a recent event with a small group of young Airmen, someone asked the commanders present to share “the ‘secrets’ of leadership that [we] have uncovered in our
  • 7th CES receives multiple AFGSC awards

    The men and women of the 7th Civil Engineer Squadron are the maintainers and stewards of the infrastructure of Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. They provide agile customer service and emergency services to over 13,000 people. The 7th CES is always working hard to provide the people of Dyess a safe, robust, and sustainable installation. This work is
  • Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene Regional Airport: Partners in Safety

    Airmen take risks. It is and has been intricately woven in our service culture’s DNA since Sept. 18, 1947. It foundationally created an environment that ultimately resulted in the world’s most powerful Air Force and shattered aviation barriers.As we drive innovation and continue pushing boundaries across the full spectrum of operations, we must
  • Tweetybird T-37A gets a touch-up

     April 23 to 30, the T-37A Tweety Bird jet trainer underwent Phase I of an awesome transformation from being that dull, oxidized raw aluminum airframe to the factory-delivered shiny, mirror-finish.  The T-37A and the Dyess Linear Airpark underwent some loving care with the help of 7th Component Maintenance Squadron Airmen: Senior Airman Richard
  • It takes an army: Support in the battle breast against cancer

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink shirts and awareness walks will occur, all for the purpose of bringing attention to this indiscriminant disease that over 316,000 Americans will be newly diagnosed with this year. I was aware of these stats and generally supported this cause since my grandmother beat breast cancer years ago, but in
  • The call of a hero

    “Congratulations Airman Copeland,” said Lt. Col. Michael Sims, 7th Bomb Wing director of staff. “You’ve been selected to represent the Airmen of Dyess for the Dinner with a Hero.” I was aware of my nomination by my flight commander to attend the dinner, but wasn’t positive that I would be selected, seeing that I was a new Airman to the base. My
  • From military child to Airman

    The darkness. The mist. The early morning wake-ups. The long-periods of time I would not see my dad. My dad was in the U.S. Navy for more than 20 years. The last half of his military career was during the beginning of my life.   My family had the opportunity to live in destinations such as California, Florida, Japan, South Korea. We went on
  • My Duty to Speak

    When you’re young and naive, you live in the moment. You rarely think of what could go wrong or if your actions will come with consequences. You long to take risks, not knowing if they’ll come with reward or regret. What’s that saying now, you only live once, right? When you’re 14 and just learning your own identity, more often than not, your
  • How’s your shirt?

    The first sergeant! The position may effect different feelings in unit personnel. Hopefully, for most, the feeling is one of trust, respect and appreciation. For others it may instill a feeling of uncertainty, intimidation, or, sadly, fear. Hopefully the latter only happens when it is fitting of a situation.The first sergeant’s authority is derived