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  • Perspective, “It could be worse”

    I will start off with a short story. 2nd Lt Vassallo worked as a flight commander in late 2000. It was my first assignment as new officer fresh out of OTS. I was excited to be part of Team Dover. Since I was a prior enlisted maintainer I was given the opportunity to lead as the Propulsion Flight Commander over 180 active duty military and civilian
  • Courage and Compassion in Communication

    The world’s greatest Air Force is nothing without the dedicated Professional Airmen who work to deliver credible, adaptive, and decisive combat power to our enemies at a place and time of our choosing. Any issues that take away our collective ability to deliver that airpower weaken our National Defense Strategy. In order to address issues, we each
  • The B-ONEs are back: the multi-layered relevance of the current B-1B deployment

    It is no exaggeration or surprise to characterize the last year in the B-1B community as dynamic and exhausting.Consider the sequence of events our team has endured and persevered through: (1) ejection system and drogue chute issues that drove changes in maintenance technical orders and, ultimately, significantly reduced aircraft availability, (2)
  • Commentary: Rising to the challenge

    One of the biggest adjustments to command for me was the lack of official training that I received before I took command. Command has always been something that I aspired for and has always been my goal in the Air Force. When I took command, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of information coming my way, the lack of time I had, and the
  • The B-1 bomber is not done serving the US Air Force

    In the Op-Ed, Maj. Gen. James Dawkins, Jr. describes how the B-1 bridges the legacy and next gen bombers and what the Air Force's plan is to sustain the aircraft's lifecycle.
  • Accepting change

    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more & become more, YOU ARE A LEADER”   - John Quincy AdamsI cannot begin to write what truly encompasses a leader. I cannot tell you how to check a bunch of boxes and then suddenly you’ve become a leader. A leader does not earn a master’s degree or sew a badge on their chest saying
  • Atomic Habits

    Have you ever thought about your habits? Our habits are the things we do regularly, and they’re usually hard to change. In a way, our habits define who we are – people who run a lot are called runners; people who write a lot are called writers; people who play games a lot are called gamers, you get the idea. Habits, though, are incredibly
  • Connection…Motivation…Warrior Ethos: It all Connects!

    It was 2013; I was a high-time Captain in the 28th Bomb Squadron.  I had three successful combat deployments under my belt with the 9th Bomb Squadron, and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching young Weapon Systems Officers how to employ the lethal B-1 bomber.  I attended an “All Call” where a USAF Brigadier General passionately reminded the audience that
  • Commentary: Attitude and Effort

    Do you want a more successful career and a happier, more fulfilling life? Then I’ve got two words for you:  Attitude & Effort.Attitude and Effort are two things YOU can control today and every day.  Armed with a positive attitude and 100 percent effort there is little that you can’t conquer.  Further, if you combine a positive attitude and 100