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  • Tenets of Leadership: the Air Force Core Values

    The Air Force Core Values Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence In All We Do, are the reasons our Air Force is the best the world has ever seen.  These Core Values are what drive me every day in how I operate as a Chief Master Sergeant and senior leader in our Air Force.Integrity FirstIntegrity First frames my decision-making.  I have
  • Give thanks

    In the Fall of 1621, 53 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoag Native Americans gathered for the “First Thanksgiving.”  Lasting three days, the feast celebrated the Pilgrims’ first successful harvest, which would enable their survival through the coming winter.  Since leaving England aboard the Mayflower in September 1620, the Pilgrims saw their numbers cut in
  • Airmen carrying the torch of 'The World's Greatest Air Force'

    As November rolls around it makes me reflect about the end of World War I and Armistice Day. The First Great War, as we all know, was the first major operational use of Air Power in combat, in what would turn out to be first few steps toward us becoming the World’s Greatest Air Force.  Air Power was built from that generation of Airmen; this was
  • Balancing work and family

    Trying to balance your career and your family can be a difficult task, for some it can seem impossible.  We often get ourselves into a mindset that we must give everything to the Air Force in order to get that next job or promotion.  Family is usually the first thing we sacrifice when it comes to reaching our goals.  I spent the first sixteen years
  • Re-imagining Agile Combat Employment

    Threats in the Pacific Theater have been evolving rapidly over the past few years.  North Korea has been aggressively expanding its ballistic missile program and has conducted numerous test launches into the Sea of Japan and even the Western Pacific.  China continues to ramp up military activity in the South and East China Seas and Russia is
  • The Power of "Yes"

    A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my twenty-year mark in our amazing Air Force. Over my eleven assignments, I have had many remarkable and memorable leaders, mentors, peers, and subordinates.  They have helped develop my leadership skills and shape me into a better person as we all know, we cannot succeed without help, and a strong team. Whenever
  • What do you value most: service or self?

    Team Dyess Commentary Program: Leaders are sharing the insights, experience, and wisdom gained throughout their Air Force careers through the written word.

    As a senior leader in our Air Force, opportunities often arise for me to sit down and mentor younger Airmen. Now I’m not saying I’m a better mentor than the next person you might meet, but perhaps it’s because I’m a little more seasoned or experienced (read: older) that Airmen seek my opinion on various issues. Leading Airmen is one of the greatest

    How much would you pay for a house? More precisely, a house which provides protection and security for those that call it home. A house where the foundation is made from rich soil and a structure to withstand the test of time. A house that cannot only hold the brightest lights, but will emit light, hope, faith, and love. A house that will endure
  • Mission or People First?

    Is it mission or people first? There are different arguments to justify either stance. I believe that if it were people first, everyone would get what they wanted from the Air Force and we, as an organization, would shy away from placing people in risky or dangerous situations. Of course, what we do is inherently dangerous and much depends on our