Equal Opportunity Roles and Responsibilities: Supervisors and Managers

The following are responsibilities of Supervisors and managers:

· Consider formal channels if the incident and behavior are serious, Examine your actions for subtle behaviors that could be viewed as double standards.

· Set the "proper" standards.

· Enforce Air Force and local Equal Opportunity Policies.

· Be able to recognize Equal Opportunity violations.

· Set the tone.

· Check to see that people are doing the right thing.

· Serve as a role model.

· Know and understand relationships and values of a diverse work force.

· Know referral agencies.

· Recipient's Responsibilities

· Consider using an informal method of resolution (via mediation) if the behavior is minor. Make sure that the "fix" will permanently stop the offensive behavior without reprisal, and that the offending behavior is appropriately corrected.

· Talk the problem over with a friend, trusted coworker, and especially your supervisor (if he or she is not the problem).

· absolutely unacceptable, or repeated (especially after telling the offender to stop).

· Take responsibility to see discrimination and sexual harassment are stopped without reprisal.