In-Processing: Finance

Members must also have all applicable items listed on the Finance portion of the in-processing checklist before a travel voucher can be filed. Members are advised that delays in filing their travel voucher will stall necessary updates to their military & travel pay entitlements. Such a deferment may result in overpayment (debt).

Dyess Finance Customer Service can be reached at (325) 696-4193, DSN 461-4193 or 7CPTS.FMFC2@US.AF.MIL

Customer Service Hours: M, Tu, F 0730-1500; W 0730-1200

Finance is closed on Thursdays and every 2nd Friday of the month for Wing Training Day.

PCS In-Processing Briefing: E1-E3 Please in-process at Finance on a walk-in basis during normal duty hours. All other inbound members must attend PCS brief on Wednesdays at 1400 located at Finance.

Separation & Retirement Briefings: Mondays at 1000 in the CPTS Conference Room (Bldg 1736, Room 170)

(TLF) Lodging